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Where Are The Top African Safari Destinations?

Many people that are interested in taking an adventurous vacation would like to visit some of the top safari destinations. Finding a top destination will not be difficult with the large amount of travel information available to travelers today.

There are several ways that a person can find the top African safari destinations. Each will provide valuable information about the destinations available.


The travel guides for different African countries will often list the best African safari operators and destinations that are nearby - attracting people both locally and from around the world.

The travel guides will list all the important information about the destination, the attractions available nearby, and the average price of a stay.

In addition the travel guide will list the best guides for the safaris in the country. Often also provide the contact information for the guides - enabling you to make all of the necessary arrangements before setting out on your trip.


Travel websites are good places to find great safari destinations. The travel websites are much like the travel guide books, but are more interactive and will actually link you to the website of the company conducting the safari. You can find out more information about the safaris and eventually make the reservations with the company directly online.

Some websites focus on safari destinations exclusively, such as an African lion safari excursion, and will list specials for these safaris in the deal section of the website. In some cases, the deal will be a special price on the safari excursion, additional locations for the same price, or giving incentives for booking a safari through the website.

Using a travel website will also allow you to actually see what you will be doing during the safari. You will be able to see if the experience described is what you had in mind.


There are a number of websites and blogs available on the internet that allow people that have traveled to particular safari destinations to give their honest opinions about their experiences. Such websites give anyone the power to express their views and allow other travelers to see which destinations provide the best service and which ones should be avoided.

With so much information available, it should not be difficult for a person to find the best and most authentic safari – a destination that is not overcrowded but still offers a minimum of comfort. All this while at the same time providing a sense of wild, unspoiled and remote Africa. These places still exist – in ever smaller numbers – but if you are willing to search they can be found.

African Safari - in a game rich unspoiled area

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