Affiliate e goods

Affiliate e goods

The term "e goods" is used to refer to electronic products.

You cannot touch them since they are digital. They are shipped by e-mail or direct download from a Web site.

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The opposite of hard goods

We use the term "hard goods" to mean anything that can be touched. These are physical products that cannot be transmitted "via the Net" but rather are shipped by mail or courier. On this page we are not concerned with hard goods.

If you can digitize it – you can sell it

The benefits of e-goods to you as an affiliate marketer are many.

You do not have to stock products, no packing for you to do, no shipping, no trips to the post office.

It is all done on the NET. The dollars you accumulate also come to you via the NET.

The most efficient e-business is selling affiliate-e-goods

If creating your own e-product seems too daunting to you – you can sell other people’s products. One of the best ways to do that is to sign up to be a Clickbank affiliate. The signup is free and you can learn a lot about it here.

If you decide to do your own product, don't jump to create its sales site too quickly. Rushing into this without proper planning is what many first time e-goods vendors do. It is why the vast majority of them fail. They start wrong.

Find out how to do it better than just "right" or "properly." Links on this page will show you how to do it perfectly.

Learn about niche marketing

The key to success is to master a niche. The Web, when properly used, is the ultimate niche marketing vehicle. It provides the ideal situation for you - if you want to sell digital products – whether selling your own or selling as an affiliate.

Keyword Canine

Look for a way to focus on your business and not on the technical aspects of creating websites.

To learn more click here.

Affiliate e goods

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