Adult Stemcell Nutrition

Adult StemCell Nutrition - the Prescription for Ultimate Health?

"The Coming Revolution in Stem Cells Could Save Your Life" - Time Magazine cover story

Just the Facts from the Leading Voice of Adult Stem Cell Science

When Christian Drapeau first posited that Adult Stem Cells were the very foundation of the body's natural healing system, scientific study in the field was in its infancy.

His hypothesis that Adult Stem Cells, created by the bone marrow, flowed to any tissue or organ needing regeneration and morphed into healthy cells of that location, was initially ridiculed by medical science.

However, recent studies and a Nobel Prize winning discovery affirm Christian's position which has gained not just momentum but widespread acceptance in scientific circles as study after study reveal that Adult Stem Cell science holds phenomenal promise in all areas of human wellness.

Adult Stemcell Nutrition

In Cracking the Stem Cell Code, author and scientist Christian Drapeau demystifies the most important scientific breakthrough of our times. He reveals the far reaching potential of adult stem cells in human health and wellness.

Christian explains the stem cell phenomenon in the reader-friendly manner that made his prior book, The Stem Cell Theory of Renewal, a major hit with tens of thousands of eager readers.

Adult Stem Cells hold the promise of miraculous wellness - Cracking the Stem Cell Code explains how.

For the average reader interested in gaining greater understanding of the stem cell phenomenon.

About the Author

Meet Christian Drapeau MSc


Christian Drapeau is America s best known advocate for Adult Stem Cell research and the health applications of Adult Stem Cell science. He gained worldwide recognition when a Nobel Prize winning discovery in 2008 affirmed what Christian had been advocating for years: the role of Adult Stem Cells in the body is nothing less than its natural healing system. He is credited as the founder of the field of Stem Cell Nutrition.


Cracking the Stemcell Code is Christian's newest book (Sutton Hart Press, January 2010). With it, the author demystifies the most important scientific breakthrough of our times. He reveals the far reaching potential of Adult Stem Cells in human health and wellness and looks at what s new, what s real and what s next in stem cell science.

Christian's 2009 volume The Stem Cell Theory of Renewal (Sutton Hart Press, 2009) shattered all U.S. sales records for stem cell titles in its first six months. It is now in print in French and Spanish with international distribution.

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