Acne Blemish at Any Age

Acne Blemish at Any Age

Acne Blemish - Teenage years are when acne is halfway expected, but it is possible to get an acne as an adult. On this page you may learn how you get acne and how to get rid of it.

Causes can be hormones, stress or diet. An outbreak may occur from any one of these causes, but most often it's a combination. Children do not develop acne, because the oil-producing glands responsible for acne do not develop until puberty. This makes it clear that teenagers may be more prone to outbreaks than adults.

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It is common knowledge that certain foods that are sweet or fatty may cause acne. We can't be sure that fatty foods or chocolate cause acne, but there are some theories. Dairy products may have an affect on your skin because milk contains hormones. Heavy calorie intake may also make you more prone to acne. It may be best to focus on how much you are eating, rather than what. Reducing your daily calorie intake, this alone can make your skin produce less oil. Often less oil on your skin results in less acne.

Non-prescription acne treatment products can come in many forms. There are choices between wipes, creams or cleansers. In older acne sufferers, certain products may dry out the skin. In that case you should look for products designed for adults. Results may be achieved with face or body washes that do not contain harsh chemicals. When considering products not designed for the treatment of acne, look for "oil-free" on the label. Washes will not really cleanse if they are just putting more oil on your face.

Acne Blemish

It is important to relax. It is upsetting to discover a huge pimple on your face before a big date, but stress and hormones and diet can cause acne to appear. Thus it is not really that surprising to find that you always seem to get acne when you absolutely want to look your best. Reducing your stress can be the most obvious way to clear up your skin. Managing your stress can be as simple as taking a few deep breaths during a busy day. And do set aside time to listen to music or go for a walk. Not everyone is willing to do yoga, but some simple exercises focusing on taking deep, steady breaths can do wonders.

Acne Blemish - professional help

If your acne is severe, you may prefer to see a dermatologist. When over the counter remedies and change of diet and lifestyle don't seem to help, make an appointment. Do not allow yourself to struggle with acne for years. Reduce the stress and even potential scarring by seeking the help of a professional when you see that you need it.

Do you touch your face often each day? You can't see the oil on your face until it turns into clogged pores and pimples, remember the same is true of the oil on your fingertips. It is a good idea to keep your hands away from your face to avoid acne breakouts.

It should be remembered that acne is not your fault. Stressful as acne is to deal with, remembering to follow and act on the advice you find in your research invariably results in clearer skin.

Acne Blemish at Any Age

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