A brief history of the 66th street church
in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn

A brief history of the 66th street church in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn

The church had its humble beginnings in 1897. After various locations it was decided to purchase a church at 15th street.

The pastor at this time was Rev. T. J. Frandsen.

His preaching filled the church to capacity and at times people were standing in the vestibule and even out on the sidewalk.

The membership grew and though Rev. Frandsen resigned due to ill health the work continued and a new Pastor emerged, N. W. Nelson.

During Rev. Nelson's ministry many unforeseen developments took place.

Members started moving to other areas of Brooklyn. Should the church be moved? While planning about the future, a new facility was built at 8th Avenue and 52nd street in 1913.

This became the "Second Evangelical Free Church."

Left: Auditorium seen from the pulpit (1963)

The main work was still located at 15th street. Most members were reluctant to leave the original church at 15th street, but finally it was decided - with the majority in favor - to move to Bay Ridge.

The move to 66th street in Bay Ridge took place December 23, 1928.

In addition to the ministry in the Norwegian language, a new department was created to conduct the ministry in English.

After all, it was thought that there must be a ministry in English, the language of the coming generations.

Pastor N. W. Nelson left for a visit to Norway – as it turned out he never returned. He passed away after having served the church in Brooklyn for 34 years.

In 1961 the old church at 66th street
was demolished due to the new highway
that came through the area to connect
with the Verrazano bridge to Staten Island.

The result was that a new church
was constructed.

66th street at 6th Avenue.

The dedication took place on
Palm Sunday, April 7, 1963.

66th street church

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