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The commercial market has recognized the enormous potential of Human Growth Hormone releasers and has produced a flood of cheap imitations of our Formula. Unless they are formulated in the same way as our product they are, in effect, a waste of money, as they will not work. Our product the Youth Formula carries a patent based on proven science. No other product is licensed to use this patented formulation.

So, with a large number of cheap sounding substitutes on the market how can people make a reasoned choice? Only by understanding the unique power of the patented "Youth Formula". Please read on.

The proprietary Youth Formula is the secretagogue that encourages the pituitary to release its own human growth hormone in quantities similar to that of people in their mid twenties. Human growth hormone has been shown to support beneficial cellular activity and generation. The proprietary formulation is supported by the grant of US patent number 6,346264 (this can be viewed on the Web, US patent and full text Database). Do not be mislead by other products with a "Patent Pending"

Anyone can apply for a Patent, its easy, pending just means you have applied for one. Very few are ever granted. The Patent took 2 years to get and cost in excess of a quarter of a million dollars. This is the only Patent that has ever been granted for this process, anywhere.

This product uses only the purest pharmacological grade ingredients and production methods. Expense is not a consideration in the manufacturing process.

It is manufactured to Kosher/Pareve standard plus its ingredients are non-GMO (meaning non-Genetically Modified Organism). The production standards are exacting and constantly monitored. Additionally, every batch is randomly sampled for quality, content and conformity.

The product in question contains all those Amino Acids shown by research to be critical in combination for the release your own human growth hormone.

The company behind this product has established that 5000 mg plus of the formulation of amino acids (a serving of 6 capsules) is needed to be effective. Scientific research has shown that smaller amounts simply DO NOT WORK.

Our Medical Doctors insist on stringent quality control and repeated testing, both during, and after manufacturing. This ensures that the product formulation remains safe and effective.

It contains no artificial stimulants, fillers, worthless ingredients with scientific sounding names or bovine products; even the capsules themselves are plant based. Just the finest amino acid complex that money can buy.

The Youth Formula is made up to a standard, not down to a price. Each of its high quality ingredients are necessary and the amount of each critical. If the company wanted to produce a cheaper product it could do so by cutting back on amino acid quality, quantity and by substituting fillers for effective ingredients. But being dedicated to its customer's health and longevity it will not compromise principles for the sake of short-term profit.

Checklist for Competing Products

What is in the bottle? If there is not a list on the label with each ingredient shown - don't touch it. Vague descriptions such as "amino peptide complexes" say very little about the actual ingredients. When in doubt refer to your product fact sheet.

If the product contains GABA or DHEA or other chemical stimulants avoid them as these are added to some products to give an artificial feeling of well being. This also applies to amino-peptides and pepticle complexes. Indeed some of these stimulants have been banned in the US or Canada as potentially harmful to mind or body. We believe that the long term effectiveness of the “Youth Formula” is stimulus enough.

If the label suggests taking with meals the manufacturer shows a lack of understanding of the biochemistry entailed, as human growth hormone release will not be facilitated.

If the other product directions say less than 6 capsules per day (5352 milligrams) be suspicious. Don't you think that the company would cut costs if the same effects could be produced with less amino acids?

If the capsules or content are not specified as beef- or animal-free you may not risk taking them.

Are the contents based on genetically modified plant sources? This company actively rejects such products.

If the product purports to contain Growth Hormone itself, do not take, the source may be animal. At best your own feed back loop, which ensures no overload, may be compromised. Constant testing of an individual's blood growth hormone levels may be required with such products.

If the product is an under tongue spray don't bother. The necessary molecules are too big to pass the buccal membranes. Larger even than those of insulin. Would not diabetics be able to take their insulin by this means if it was effective - thus avoiding daily injections?

Remember, you can talk directly to people whose lives have been changed by the “Youth Formula“. Hear their stories and those of their friends. See the results. Click the Youth Formula link below to go to the company’s own website for further information:

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