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One of the latest breakthroughs in stemcell research is stem cell enhancers. It is a genuine breakthrough with natural botanical extracts that help support the body’s own ability to renew itself.

A potential revolution in the knowledge of wellness.

It is the only substance of its kind available at this time. It is based on scientific research, and not science fiction as one person observed The natural botanical extracts support the natural release and migration of stem cells within the body.

We are NOT discussing embryonic stem cells

Instead, this concerns the stem cells that exist in your own bone marrow at this very moment. Forget all the heated politics and sometimes ugly rhetoric over embryonic stem cells. There is no need to go there when the topic is adult stem cells.

Stem cells have the ability to assist in repairing and maintaining the body. The term stem cell enhancers describes the most recent breakthrough in non-invasive support of natural health.

The supplement can help your body release more adult stem cells.

The product is a registered trademark, it is also patented, with ingredients that help to support the release of stem cells from the bone marrow into the bloodstream through a natural process. The stem cells travel through the bloodstream to areas of the body where they are most needed. The product is presently the only patented adult stem cell enhancer available.

The discovery is discussed in a book available from

Cracking the Stem Cell Code


Perhaps you would like to read the book first? The decision is yours. In the meantime you can see a video presentation by the scientist Christian Drapeau discussing in layman’s terms the significance of his discovery. To see the presentation on the company’s official website click here