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A Powerhouse of Nutrition

QUESTION: What weighs one gram and supplies as much Beta Carotene as 14 cups of whole eggs or 23 cups of yogurt or 14 grams of liver or 140 grains of beet greens or 70 grams of carrots?

ANSWER: Four capsules of freeze-dried Blue Green Algae.

Lab tests conducted on the algae show that I gram contains 1440 mcgs. of beta carotene. And how much do we need on a daily basis? The healthy male: 1000 micrograms daily, the female 800 mcgs. and the child 600 mcgs. We know that orange, yellow and dark green vegetables are supposed to be rich sources of beta carotene.

However, today's farming methods, food processing and storage are primarily responsible for an unfortunate change in the nutritional content from 18,500 I.U. (which they are supposed to be) all the way down to 70 I.U.!

Discover the Powerhouse of Nutrition

Health benefits from blue green algae

Many of the foods that we would normally expect to nourish us are simply images of what they should be, and the modern carrot in most cases only "looks like" a carrot. No wonder thousands of people are excited about the availability of the little blue green algae from a fresh water lake to supplement their food.

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Algae are among the Earth's most ancient organisms, found in every inch of soil and in every body of water from the largest ocean to the tiniest puddles, in the hottest springs and the coldest streams. It is responsible for 90% of the world's photosynthesis thus consuming carbon dioxide and producing oxygen and food for the entire food chain.

Powerhouse of Nutrition

Without algae there would be no life in the seas and very little on land.

Although algae have been eaten by man for centuries, only recently have they been lauded by scientists as THE group of high protein containing organisms which are the most likely to provide man with sufficient amounts of nutrients for the future, and, when presented graphically, the amino acids contained in fresh water blue green algae almost overlap those of the human body. One of the reasons it is a powerhouse of nutrition.

Previously the best known species of blue green algae to be available for human consumption were spirulina and chlorella, both marketed throughout the world.

However, both spirulina and chlorella. are grown artificially in man-made ponds and fed whatever man has decided that their proper food should be, while Aphanizomenon flos-aquae, better known as Blue Green Algae, is a completely wild algae living in a fresh water lake in Southern Oregon - far from cities and their sewage, from industrial and agricultural activities. The lake is fed by 17 volcanic mountain streams and rivers shaping this high desert lake into an actual nutrient trap.

Protected by the high Cascade Mountains and fed by geothermal hot springs and 4000 square miles of melting snow, all the minerals our bodies need are contained here in this basin - in chelated form - to become food for the micro algae with the fancy name.

Blue Green Algae has a complete balance of vitamins, except for "D" (sunlight) and "E" (the algae's high chlorophyll contents help produce vitamin "E" naturally in the body), it is rich in the B vitamins, including B-12 and it has the highest known source of chlorophyll, 300% higher than alfalfa. In fact, it may be the last complete basic food source left on the planet today.

Harvested, washed and freeze-dried in a matter of minutes to preserve the algae's neuropeptides, vitamins, amino acids and enzymes this process allows one single gram of Blue Green Algae to supply 300,000,000 amino acid molecules for each individual cell in your body.

Blue Green Algae is indeed a powerhouse of nutrition; when you eat it you feel alive and energetic. You can actually sense your immune system responding to the new enzymes and your brain and mind to the neuropeptides.

When evaluating a nutritional product, always look at the laboratory results with specifications telling you what substances are actually in the product. Anecdotes and testimonials are nice, but the actual ingredients are the deciding factor.

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