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Natural Health and Strength. Health experts have said it for years. Nowresearch proves it. Our diets do not provide the nutrition we need. Modern farming practices have depleted our soils to such an extent that it is almost impossible to obtain the nutrients your body needs through food alone.

People everywhere are turning to supplements to fill in the gaps and compensate for a deficient diet, So, how can you know that you are taking the right nutrients, in the right amounts and at the right time? How can you be sure that you are consuming the highest quality supplements available and that what's on the label is really what's in the product? These are no doubt concerns of yours, and they are concerns of ours. This is why the products you will learn about were created - the 24Seven Life Essentials.

24Seven Life Essentials is a complete nutritional protocol that lays a solid foundation for any adult who desires optimum health.

Natural health and strength

We have taken the confusing world of supplements and created a simple product that you can easily and confidently use every day to support your health.

This information packet is designed to give you a brief but thorough look into the scientific research behind this phenomenal product.

Nutritional Supplementation -- It's No Longer an Option ...

A number of reputable journals have recently published research supporting the need for supplementation. In the Journal of the American Medical Association 2002, Harvard Medical School scientists stated that we should all take a vitamin supplement "because most people do not consume an optimal amount of all vitamins by diet alone." After reviewing thirty years of scientific research, they found that even with the variety of foods we eat, Americans are still deficient in some nutrients.

They also drew a very definite link between this low intake of important vitamins and the risk of disease. In their research they stated, "Suboptimal intake of some vitamins, even above levels causing classic vitamin deficiency, is a risk factor for chronic diseases and common in the general population, especially the elderly." They specifically advised that all Americans supplernent with folic acid, and vitamins B-6,B-12, D, E and C.

For Natural Health and Strength, adequate amounts of vitamins and minerals are critical. The healthy functioning of all organs and systems throughout the body must be supported by such adequate nutrients. Research shows that specific levels of nutrients are needed for the protection of bones and blood cells as well as the healthy functioning of the heart and eyes. There is also evidence that adequate levels of vitamins and minerals are important for supporting aging-related mernory function.

It has been long known that a diet low in vitamins or minerals may lead to severe illnesses, such as scurvy from lack of vitamin C.

The idea that our diets do not provide adequate nutrition is not a new one.

As early as 1938 Dr. Charles Northern reported to the U.S. Senate that fruits and vegetables, and therefore people, were deficient in vital minerals due to the depletion of our soils. He stated, "It is bad news to learn from our leading authorities that 99 percent of the American people are deficient in these minerals, and that a marked deficiency in any one of the more important minerals actually results in disease."

For Natural Health and Strength - SUPPLEMENTATION IS VITAL.

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Natural Health and Strength

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