Lower Ab Exercises

Lower Ab Exercises To Get You Firm, Fit And In Shape

Thousands of people every day all over the world do ab exercises and they have a lean, firm, rock hard tummy to prove it. Here are our pick of the best exercises to get you started.

Before we gone to the lower ab exercises it is worth noting that carrying out these exercises on their own will make absolutely no difference in achieving rock hard abs. The exercises must be joined as part of an all over body workout and healthy nutrition plan. We give more information on these in our guide but for this article we will just be focusing on the lower ab exercises. Remember before starting the exercises that a warm up and comfortable clothing is essential.

Number one - The Pelvic tilt.

Lie on your back with your hands flat on the floor beside you, your feet should also be flat and slightly apart. Lift the pelvis up off the floor, hold the place for five seconds, slowly go back to the floor and then repeat the exercise.

Number two - The captain's chair

Rest your arms on some apparatus and then bring the knees up as if you were sitting in a make-believe chair. You should feel the muscles of your lower abs contracting. Hold the place for five seconds, slowly lower your legs back to the floor and then repeat.

Number three - The bicycle crunch

Lie flat on your back and place your hands behind your head. Whilst lifting the left knee up bring your right elbow round to touch it, hold for five seconds, go slowly back down and repeat the exercise with the right knee and left elbow.

Number four - Lying leg raises

Lie flat on your back with your legs straight and together. Your hands should be flat on the floor besides you. Slowly left both your legs up together till they reach a 90% angle, hold the place and then slowly release back to the floor. Repeat the exercise. You should feel your lower abs contracting.

Simply by combining these four exercises as part of an all over body workout and good eating plan, you will see results in just a month. More information on what foods to eat and other exercises is given in our guide. It has been put together by a certified personal trainer and nutritionist and is definitely the best way to get rock hard abs within a month.

By: David Hayford

Lower Ab Exercises