Internet Evidence Eliminator

Internet Evidence Eliminator

How to Protect YOUR Private Information

Internet Evidence Eliminator: Imagine a world where every detail of our lives can be known to others at the click of a mouse.

In business and at home, this world is here. Like it or not, we are under siege. Current news stories illustrate the point, whichever side you are on in this debate, there is no dispute that protecting your data is important.

That is why the idea of a financial "low profile" is not some quaint notion.

Internet Evidence Eliminator - Security Privacy matters

One of the most compelling reasons for investigating the advantages of the software "Evidence Eliminator" is to achieve a measure of internet privacy.

Reading books on the subject is a good idea, but the software resides on your computer at all times.

Who Knows: Safeguarding Your Privacy in...

Do you think invasion of your privacy is not so serious?

As you know, our rights are practically gone in the United States. Your bank statements, phonelogs, credit card purchases, brokerage statements, medical records, etc., are available to anyone who might want to see them.

Mostly for a fee, but sometimes even for free.

Of course, any information about your property holdings, leases, credit is also readily available. Predatory lawyers and government employees are free to draw adverse conclusions from these records as they build a profile on you for whatever reason they choose.

The idea of separation of powers, so critical to a democracy, is largely abandoned by the US governments regulatory and bureaucratic rulings.

Regulatory agencies of the federal government have the combined authority of the legislative, judicial, and executive branches of government. The Post Office, IRS, DEA, SEC, ATF, FBI, and other agencies can seize your assets and deem you guilty of crimes against the state, (victimless crimes) without due process, and it becomes your responsibility to prove your innocence.

The concept of "innocent until proven guilty", for non-violent crimes, is gone.

Privacy: Who has your information?

Privacy: Don't neglect hidden information on your computer!

Internet Evidence Eliminator

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