A Healthy Immune System is now more important than ever

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A Healthy Immune System is Now
More Important Than Ever

by Dr. Ron Meyers,

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Our bodies are full of bacteria, but fortunately most of the bacteria in our body is critical to our good health. one surprising reality is that of all the thousands of different bacteria, a minority are what we call pathogenic, meaning they are capable of making us sick.

Healthy Immune System

For many thousands of years we only had our body's natural defense mechanisms, collectively called our immune system, for protection against these harmful pathogens.

Then, with the discovery of penicillin in 1928, something changed. Suddenly deadly bacterial infections became curable and for many decades millions of lives have been saved. Unfortunately, through the overuse of antibiotics, we have created a serious new threat; super bugs.

By over-prescribing antibiotics for simple infections and over-utilizing them in the raising of chicken and beef and trying to create sterile environments in our homes with the use of disinfectants, antiseptics and antibacterial hand soaps, we have unwittingly created pathogenic bacterial offspring that are capable of completely ignoring our strongest antibiotics.

Super bugs aren't the only challenge to our immune system. Our world is full of viruses and other pathogens. Hepatitis A and B and salmonella poisoning can he contracted at any unsanitary restaurant or even in our own kitchens. Lyme disease, West Nile virus, Dengue fever and of course the common cold and flu virus, to name a few, can be life threatening illnesses for which prescription medications are often ineffective.

I have learned that when our body's natural defense mechanisms - that includes a healthy immunes sytem - are operating at peak efficiency, they become our best defense for preventing illness.

Since the next generation of antibiotics is said to be many years into the future, with no widely effective anti-viral medications currently on the horizon, it just makes sense to put some thought and energy into learning how we can best enhance and optimize our healthy immune system.

Begin building your immune system by making sure that you are drinking plenty of water every day.

A quality multiple vitamin product, powered by a wide range of antioxidant nutrients is also helpful.

Be sure to eat a wide variety of healthy-foods every day. Increase the amount of fresh fruit and raw or lightly steamed vegetables to your diet. Include onions, garlic and foods high in antioxidants and vitamin C, such as carrots, red grapes and citrus fruits, organically grown whenever possible.

Take it easy on meats ~ particularly red or fatty meats. I believe the evidence shows that the best diet is one that is basically vegetarian supplemented with skinless chicken or fish, about a 476 oz. portion two, to three times per week, to ensure adequate complete protein. Cut down on saturated fats like lard or solid shortening.

Use olive oil whenever you can. Vegetable oils like corn, safflower and sunflower are good, but they are high in omega 6 fatty acids which research shows tend to stress your immune system.

Reduce your intake of foods high in sugars. There is research that states people with high sugar. diets have significantly depressed immune responses.

We know that stress and lack of sleep depress the immune system and that exercising both your body and your, mind tend to enhance it. Try to keep balance in your daily life.

Advantage of a healthy immune system

Finally, remember that many research studies have shown that enhancing HGH levels in your bloodstream can have an impressive impact on optimizing your immune health.

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