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Finding the Best Equestrian Gifts

What's the perfect gift for a horse lover? That would have to be a horse. But if you do not have the finances, or if they already has one, then you buy the next best thing. With the many options available, there is one gift that would best suit any horse lover. Here are some equestrian gifts that you can find for your loved one.

For a young horse lover, you can get him a toy pony. You can also find a bag, tote or purse with horse design, a boot box where pens, markers or brushes can be placed, a shirt or heart-shaped jewelry box, also with horse design. There are also other toys like cards and puzzles. If they like to watch movies, give him a DVD of a nice horse movie.

Another gift idea is equestrian jewelry. You can find horseshoe rings, horse pendants or bracelets with horse trinkets in gold, silver or platinum. Or you can give some horse art, like paintings and posters. If you can paint, you can make a mural on a wall of their home.

For someone who likes to read, you can give subscriptions to equine magazines. There are also horse lover notebooks, journals and address books, office stationery, paper weight and book ends that you can find. If your loved one is seriously considering a career in horse riding, you can give DVDs and books on horsemanship. Tickets to a horse show or rodeo would also make great gifts.

There are also house items that you can get for the adult horse lover. You can find many blankets and throws with horse prints, pillowcases and pillows with horse designs, equestrian trellis designs in placemats, tablecloths and napkins, floor mats and rugs, horse racing table tops, home accents and décor, clocks, etched glassware, horse loving mugs, statues. Other house décor like nightlights, lamps and candle holders would also look beautiful in a horse lover's home.

For someone special, you can give a horse mailbox. Some manufacturers have different breeds, colors and poses available. So you can find a black palomino in a running pose, or a chestnut thoroughbred standing. These products even have some natural-looking mane and tail hair.

Another practical gift is a basket containing stuff for the horse like horse treats or toys that the horse can play with. Or you can give a bucket full of products for horse grooming like shampoo, hoof pick, body brush, shedder, saddle soap and others. This is ideal for a horse trainer or riding instructor. Ask help from a riding professional to know the best products to buy.

Of course, you can buy horse apparel and riding accessories like jackets, boots, hats and saddles.

If, despite all these gift ideas, you still can't decide on what to give, why not give gift cards or certificates to a specialty store. That way, they are sure to get something they really want.

There are many sources of equestrian gifts. You can find them in stores, museum gift shops and the internet. Also, if you really know the person, then you will know what gift they will love. So, the next time you would want to give a horse lover friend or family member a gift, you know what to buy and where to find it.

Equestrian Gifts