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We all want more energy – something to get us through the next workout or stay alert for the mid-afternoon slump at work, or maybe we just need to focus a little more clearly on the task at hand. If only there was a safe, healthy way to get an invigorating boost, a focus activator and a little more endurance to get through your workout.

We’ve got good news for you. There is the incredible new, ephedra-free product that you’ve been looking for. It goes beyond your ordinary power drink. This cutting-edge formula not only gives you the long-lasting boost and endurance you need, but it also enhances your ability to focus and concentrate.

You can take the small pouches with you anywhere and simply add the contents to pure water. This refreshing citrus-flavored drink will give you an immediate boost that lasts for hours and naturally wears off at the end of your day.

The nutrients in it have been well researched for their ability to:

Improve learning

Improve alertness and motor skills - even late at night or after sleep deprivation

Increase physical performance during exercise

Enhance oxygen capacity of the lungs

Reduce free radical damage to cells

It fuels your mind and your muscles with special ingredients that can optimize your productivity while helping you feel upbeat and alert. Whether you need the boost for a big meeting, a sporting event, or a fun day with the kids, This product will give you the endurance you need to live your life to the fullest!

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