E-business and how to build one

E-business and how to build one

On this page is an introductory video that will walk you through the logic of doing E-business.

The site shows you the way to build a profitable, constantly growing, online infopreneurial business. Take what you know (from work experience, hobbies, passions, or pastimes) and convert that into a genuine, thriving enterprise that you will be proud to call yours, from the ground up, one step at a time.

Solo Build It! (SBI!) takes what you know and love, and helps you turn that into your own unique content on your own unique Web site. You use the SBI! system of no-tech-skills-needed tools to execute the flawless step-by-step process to build a theme-based content site.

SBI! automates the tedious elements of site promotion and management so all your time is devoted to building your business... not fighting technology and complexity. A series of professional, integrated tools are further designed specifically to maximize your Return On Investment (ROI).

Your growing site generates targeted visitors who quickly become warm, willing PREsold prospective clients. They are ready for you to "monetize" (i.e., convert into income through a variety of methods/models -- more on this later).One Big Caveat...

Solo Build It! (SBI!) is not "get-rich-quick." If you're looking for that, you've come to the wrong place.

Easy as pie? NO. While SBI! does remove all the technical barriers, please remember... you are, after all, building a business.

SBI! is not "quick and easy" or "get rich quick" or "guaranteed to make you $1,000,000 in 6 months." Sorry. If you seek that, look elsewhere, we do not want to be part of impossible expectations.


Are you motivated? Willing and ready to work to build an online business that is based upon a subject that is near and dear to your heart? Something you know and love? (And often that "something" can be right under your nose without you even seeing it -- if so, Solo Build It! will help you find and develop that passion.)

If you fit the infopreneurial, ready-to-work profile, SBI! delivers. Actually it OVERdelivers success... we guarantee it.


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