Atlantic Salmon


Fly fishing for Atlantic Salmon on Norways Orkla river

Vegard Heggem welcomes you to Aunan

Having spent a number of eventful years playing football for the Norwegian champions, Rosenborg F.C., Liverpool F.C. and the Norwegian National team, I had to retire due to successive injury problems. In 2003 I headed back to my roots at Rennebu in Central Norway and took over the family farm “Aunan”.

The leap from Anfield to Aunan farm was quite considerable! Although I had been preparing for retirement from professional football since my breakthrough in 1996, it was quite a change. My focus has been on keeping to my personal values and developing a network of contacts while handling the changes, both personal as well as professional.

The move from being a high profile professional footballer to an entrepreneur and farmer has dramatically tested my practical ability to adapt to new circumstances!

Traditional farming at Aunan has come to an end and neighbouring farmers rent the fields and grassland. The main focus has changed to adventure activities and salmon fishing – a major beat on the famous Orkla River being an important part of my heritage.

Atlantic Salmon

Salmon fishing has been a part of my upbringing and is close to an obsession! A number of comfortable lodges have been built on the riverbank and the restored potato store has become a restaurant and a seminar and training centre.

My dream, and hope, is that the whole concept at Aunan will provide those who come with good experiences and special memories of the nature, fishing and hunting as well as personal and professional benefits from meetings, seminars and conferences.

Salmon fishing

The Igdhølen beat on the Orkla - one its finest pools for fly fishing for salmon.

The Orkla River is one of Norway’s best salmon rivers. The total salmon runs are 88 kilometres through the valley of Orkladal, comprising the districts of Orkdal, Meldal and Rennebu. The river enters the southernmost part of the Trondheim Fjord by the town of Orkanger, appr. 30 minutes drive south of Trondheim.

The fishing season in the Orkla starts on the 1st of June and ends on 31st of August.

The Aunan waters are located by the small community Grindal, appr. 60 km up river. The first 3SW salmon enter our deep holding pools in late May and June. The 2SW enter in June and July, and the grilse come from mid July and onwards. We have fresh fish running all through the season.

The fishing at Aunan lodge comes with guide service and single room accomodation with full board.

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Atlantic Salmon - Fly Fishing