Artificial Bonsai


Tips and Tricks For Artificial Bonsai Trees

Artificial trees are just as popular as the live bonsai trees. Many individuals love the look and presence of a bonsai tree but they lack the skill and time to care for one. Enter artificial trees! There are so many of these artificial trees available in the market today that you will not have a difficult time looking for a shop that sells them. They also come in the most varied and delightful kinds of trees. This is the beauty of getting artificial trees, you can choose the right color and the right pose of the tree that you purchase.

Other choices that are available when choosing to purchase such bonsai trees are whether they are flowering or have fruit. You also have a variety of choices with regards to the tree species, all the way up to what sort of pot you might want to have. Having artificial trees will also mean less work in maintaining the plant of your choice as well as all year round beauty and d├ęcor in the area where it is set up.

What Artificial Trees Are Made Of

Most of the trees are made of metal inside and then wrapped up in some form of clay or real preserved bark to get the real feel of the tree. Luna clay is one of the most realistic mediums used to make these small artificial trees. Not only does this kind of clay give a realistic feel to the tree, it also allows the owner to move the tree to make any particular pose the owner wants.

On the other hand, the real or preserved bark is the real thing but made so that they do not rot or even fall off from the tree. Artificial trees made from preserved or collected bark are not as flexible as those made with luna clay. Other makers of artificial bonsai plants use real wood to make the trunk of the tree. They then make it look old with some processes and then add the leaves, flowers and fruits which are usually hand painted.

Maintaining The Plants

The maintenance of these bonsai plants is very simple. Sellers usually explain to buyers how to keep them free from dust and from discoloring. To prevent the foliage from losing their color, do not expose the artificial bonsai plants to direct sunlight and do not use a wet cloth when cleaning them.

Artificial Bonsai Trees